Product Feature

Dashboard modules

Insightful dashboard of overall safety condition

Insightful information from safety perspectives in your daily operational. Making it easier for decision maker to proceed in operational direction. On top of that, giving safety condition in each of their business line.


  • Interactive, easy to digest UI/UX
  • Key information from safety perspective
  • Overall organization safety scoring
  • An ability bestow by our AI capabilities to forecast to test overall resilience on organization

Risk assessment modules


Comprehensive hazard identification and risk assessment, imbedded with analytics, to assess each risk precisely.

Top Risk

Top risk from C-suite perspectives, customize top risk preference as C-suite priority, selecting which risk has highest value from C-suite point of view.

Aggregate Risk

Cumulative value of several risks with similar nature, so a certain control will get higher priorities if it’s minimize top-risks picked by C-suite preferences.


In a mission, to operates at excellency, each risk has to be controlled effectively. One of our system superiority is capable of assigning control to each risk promptly, and provide better insight on how effective this control works. On top of that, monitoring the effectiveness of the given control.

Investigation modules

Comprehensive incident analysis to improve organizational resilience (?)

Critical tool in all safety management system. Our revolutionize approach for incident investigation is to analyze which controls are no effective, thus working to improve that. We start with bowtie method as thinking foundation, generates control related to incident, and as a result initiate non effective control to be improved.


  • Provides a structured risk-based investigation form
  • Notification to assigned investigator
  • Support risk management in investigation process
  • Assign corrective action towards defect controls

Organization modules

Act as foundation for the system to operates efficiently

Guidelines for this system upon operation, and operates as a hub to connecting all our modules seamlessly and efficiently.


  • Organization chart
  • Job description
  • Training requirement
  • Safety KPI each employee

Document management modules

Maintain organization documents on point

All-in-one document management module that can be integrated with other system as well. Organize safety documents while operates the organization. In addition, our document management module have complied with ISO guidelines. Provide a clean and systemic tools for storing your safety operation document.


  • Curated search engine
  • Data extraction
  • Version control of documents
  • Track changes on document
  • Unlimited storage for historical data

Internal audit modules

Integrate audit activities with follow-up to empower improvement environment

Provides tools to improve your internal audit activities. Integrates with corrective action module to give streamlined operation due to advance UI/UX. On top of that, supported by corrective action to remove all non conformities.


  • Streamline audit activities by integrating with document management module
  • Better improvisation upon finding with corrective action module
  • Conformity level display and description in dashboard module

Inspection modules

Ensure operation smoothness

Inspection modules enable organization to be in check with operation environment within their scope. Which allow findings to be communicated efficiently and as a result, corrective action will be taken much faster. And it supports operation performance required in ISO standards.


  • Real time report
  • Notification to business process owner
  • Comes in 2 format, general and specific inspection and supports fully customizable
  • Available in mobile application

Behavior based safety observation module

Increase awareness, provide better working environment

Our module uses standardized observation methodology from behavior-based safety (BBS) expert. Designed to comply with international requirements and best practices to provides efficiency by increasing awareness in your organization’s employee. Thus, generate safer working environment within your organization.


  • Analyze each report to assess potential improvement in behavior-based safety process
  • Provide relevant document
  • Integrates with corrective action template

Safe card (Hazard inspection) modules

Improve hazard awareness within organizational scope of business

Recognize hazard in organizational environment, thus generate hazard awareness in employee mindset. By constantly submit safe card, safety environment will bestow in organization.


  • Hazard identification based on safety perspective
  • Provide 360 degree perspective towards hazard identification
  • Follow up action to address specific hazard

Corrective action register modules

Summarize whole corrective action, functioning as monitor

Key component of integrated safety system, a snapshot of overall progress regarding corrective action being processed.


  • All in one corrective action being summarize in one module
  • Progress tracking
  • Specific task to every individual in the organization
  • Notification for status (overdue, near deadline)

Training modules

Monitor training compliance required for each employee

Never miss dates of registry expiration date for each employee, keep your human comply with trainin. On top of that, keeps your human capital skilled.


  • Notification of training license expiration
  • Training matrix for customizable approach
  • Assign specific training for each employee

Mobile Application

We provide mobile application for workers in order to promote their safety behavior which is connected seamlessly with safety performance web dashboard for management.