We provide data collection and integration systems to allow clients extract value for their monitoring investment and better understand and manage risks. This includes instrumentation, system architecture, hardware and software, and our web-based data suite.

Internet of Things

Technology and Innovation for data acquisition to support client including sensor interface products, channel expansion, real-time monitoring.

Our capability:

  • Fuel sensor, flow monitoring.
  • Meteorology, Seismic.
  • Communication.

Artificial Intelligence

Transforming complex database to be integrated into strategic directions and decisions.

Our capability:

  • Process automation.
  • Data Mining.
  • Cognitive insight.
  • Cognitive engagement.

Business Intelligence

A comprehensive intelligence dashboard fully tailored for client, translating traditional business process into digital transformation to realize improvement and opportunities for better business outcomes.

Our capability:

  • Visual analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Performance metrics and benchmarking.
  • Statistical analysis.
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