Our system combines every aspect of accident prevention method

“All in one safety solution with a distinctive key difference, AI”

We combines 3 major elements from human, system, and technology to heighten organizational performance by preventing accident. It promotes safety environment within the organizations to endorse safety culture. Our clients gradually acquire safety mindset, thus operates at efficiency with full awareness of their safety culture.

Embedded with 11 safety elements to reduce incident, we cover every operational areas in organization. Our AI will continuously analyze, evaluate, and suggest every elements comprehensively, and organization will be given meaningful input from their operational section.

Combined with Risk Management to create holistic solution

Establishing Context
Develop understanding of companys business and risk appetite. System can identify exact location and pinpoint on what level of business process the risk occurence

Identify Risk
System simplify the process and minimize lengthy interaction during risk identification, allowing the process to be done faster. Each control connect automatically with Incident & hazard investigation, observation and inspection

Analyze Risk
Each risk will be automatically analyzed using predetermined criteria and metrics with no intervention of the user,  resulted in a non-biased information of risk impact & likelihood level

Evaluate Risk
Risk Aggregate module allows user to analyze risk interconnectivity thus allowing a more accurate risk treatment and control.

Treat Risk
Risk control module assigns control to risk owner. The effectivity of each control activity will be monitored and communicated through our Control  and Monitoring Module allowing user to define additional control to enhanced risk treatment.