Integrated WebGIS Solution

Based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), we developed WebGIS as an umbrella application (system integrator) which functions as an integrated data collection and presentation point.


  • Universal access that can be easily accessed anywhere.
  • Ease of data collection.
  • Spatial-based data analysis that can help management make strategic decisions.
  • Interactive and targeted dashboard visualization.
  • Centralized database that can improve data quality.
  • Digitization of crucial and strategic data.
  • System integrator to display information from various information systems at the operational level.

Competitive Advantage

  • User Friendliness
    Web-based application with easy-to-use UI / UX for easy customization.
  • Seamless Integration
    Ease of integration with legacy applications currently in use.
  • Long Term Investment
    Developer support in terms of updates and bug fixing which guarantees long-term use of the application.
  • Robust Aplication System
    ArcGIS ESRI-based applications have become industry standards worldwide.